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A Brief History Of Peter Pracownik

Peter Pracownik is in the forefront of what can best be described as the visionary school of art. He was born under the sign of Libra in Bristol, which is in the west of England. He has lived much of his life in Glastonbury, a place steeped in mysticism and history. The town dates back to the time of King Arthur, the ruined abbey is said to be the last resting-place of Arthur and his queen Guinevere

The cottage he lived in looked out over the famous Tor, the ancient magical hill around which so many of the ancient legends are centred. He currently lives in North Cornwall, according to legend Arthur's birthplace. Peter's house is situated on a dragon ley line, a power source which runs through the earth from St Michael's Mount in western Cornwall, through Glastonbury Tor, all the way across the country, passing through many other ancient sites. Peter has an extensive knowledge of myths and legends, Celtic, Saxon and Arthurian in particular.

Peter has been at the very top of the New Age/Fantasy School of modern artists, he has been making his mark on the American art scene since his first exhibition in Los Angeles in 1989. Since going into print early in 1989 he has sold over six million impressions of his art in art-card formats alone. From limited edition prints to greeting cards, from album covers to T-shirts, from jigsaws to tarot decks and collectible cards, Peters work has been seen all around the world. Peter has exhibited his art all over the world from London to Los Angeles - including a one-man show at the MGM studios in Hollywood. He was commissioned in 1993 to design a T-shirt and poster for a Grateful Dead Tour, this image has recently been licensed to Pyramid Publishing for manufacture as a poster. He was invited to take part in an Arthur C Clarke exhibition in the UK in 1995 alongside such luminaries as Jim Burns , Terry Pratchett and Helen Sharman , the first UK woman in space.

As a personality, Peter is no stranger to media attention. He has been interviewed by all the major UK TV networks. He has appeared on TV programs in Los Angeles, Dallas and New York that have featured his distinctive Wyvern role-playing game and album covers.

Peter's exhaustive knowledge and understanding of mythology and legend brought him to the attention of US Games who commissioned him to create the best selling Dragon Tarot. The set was so successful that US Games next commissioned Peter to create the images for the Wyvern collectible card game, which has since become one of the most popular fantasy role playing games in the USA and Europe. He has recently finished another commission from US Games to create a tarot deck based on JRR Tolkein's ' Lord Of The Rings'. Other recent commissions include a Lord Of The Rings poster for Wizard and Genius in Switzerland, which has recently also been licensed to Express Gifts in the UK as a jigsaw and has already become their best selling design for 1998, a Nostradamus poster again for Wizard and Genius , and an album cover for ex Deep Purple/Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore So far in 1999 Peter has licensed The Millenium , Eclipse and Tales of King Arthur as posters, started work on a range of scupltured dragons for Collectible World Studios scheduled for release at the end of 1999 , and licensed several images to Pyramid Publishing UK to launch a new range of posters and postcards.

Peter's following spans a wide variety of ages and cultures - from serious art collectors to veteran bikers, from new age devotees to fantasy game players, young and old. His unique style is know the world over and has won the admiration and respect of artists, critics, collectors and the public alike. He is truly an artist of the New Age.

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